Custom Inquiries

Congratulations on choosing Belange Handmade for your special event. You are one step away from getting the custom piece of your dreams made by Belange Mutunda-Lumami herself!
Submit your inquiry by filling out the form below.
Once your inquiry is approved, we will send you a confirmation email so you can book a consultation appointment with us and pay the non-refundable consultation fee.Without an appointment, your inquiry will be disregarded. 
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- Custom Orders FAQ's-

How much do custom orders cost?
  • Wedding - Bridal African print gowns: $2000.00+
  • Music video, TV Show, Red Carpet events: $1500.00+
  • Bridal Shower, Engagement, Baby Shower, Gender Reveal: $700.00+ Prom,
  • Graduation: $500.00+
  • Birthdays and Other Special Events: $200.00+
Can I send pictures of what I want so I can skip the consultation appointment ? No, you must pay for a consultation to be considered for a custom order and be added to our waitlist.
Do you take out-of-state/country clients? YES, we will have Facetime/Zoom/Skype consultations.
Do you make dresses for all sizes? At the moment, we only make garments ranging from 0-14 US sizes.
What is your turnaround time? Due to high-volume requests, our turnaround time goes between 3 – 8 weeks after consultation, depending on the design.
How soon should I contact you to be considered for a custom order? At least 5-7 weeks before your event.
Do you take express orders? It would depend on the complexity of your design, and you will be charged an express fee.
Can I rent a dress you already have? No, we are currently taking extra safety precautions due to COVID-19.
Where are you located? Los Angeles, CA.